Mobile guides for birders and/or birdwatchers
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Birdabout guides provide information about birds in your sorroundings in a compact, responsive package. Whether you are visiting a foreign country or exploring a region which is already familiar to you, they are a weightless, helpful tool in your pocket.
You might want to locate a certain bird given your current position, or you might want to check instead how many species and which of them can potentially be found in a certain location in order to optimize your time, energy and fuel. Birdabout guides will assist you on the road in real time and help you plan your next move.
When you go out birding, most of the information that you need, right here right now, can be summarized in a visual way. A narrative approach is deliberately avoided when it comes to describe seasonal variations, which often include overlapping populations, as the annual abundance calendar, combined with the the possible breeding status of each species, actually explain the full story. Phenological aspects that are worth keeping in mind are expressed by legends.
Birdabout guides rely on map points instead of describing intricate itineraries. Many locations are marked as exploration areas, and it's up to you to decide where you want to take your steps.
Locations sorted by distance.
Locations grouped by region.
Possible species by location.
Suggested locations by species.
Search by text string.
Direct link to Google Maps.
Location conditions.
Complete list of birds.
Currently present birds.
Historical list of rare birds.
Abundance monitors and calendars.
Reference visual patterns.
Add to home screen
To add Birdabout app icons to the home screen of your mobile device:
Open the guide of a given territory.
Open your browser's menu, usually in the top right corner.
Select "Add to home screen" or "Install".
When you open the app from your home screen the navigation bar will be hidden, significantly improving user experience.
If you like Birdabout guides and you want to develop contents for a particular territory, get in touch with us.
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